About Central Mallee Health

We’re Here to Keep You Moving! As we move through life, we may come across obstacles and challenges that make us take a step back. They may even make us fall. And when we fall, it is always easier to get back up and keep moving when we have the right people in our corner supporting every step we take.

Central Mallee Health is here to provide that support and keep you moving through each stage of life with confidence. Our treatment and therapy services are delivered by experienced professionals who are passionate about your unique body and health needs. We take a personalised, hands- on, and evidence based approach to the therapies that can help you navigate challenging times and regain your strength.

With Central Mallee Health, your ‘step back’ does not need to be a setback. Our team will support you with individualised health plans, programs and goal setting, that will support you in your life journey.

  • Casual walkers
  • Amateur runners
  • Women navigating their bodies pre and post-pregnancy
  • More serious endurance athletes
  • Elderly patients with strength and functional goals
  • Patients rehabilitating from serious injury or surgery
  • Workers getting back to their occupational demands
  • Adolescents with growth and developmental concerns
  • Community sports participants
  • Those with complicated injury management requirements
  • Aspiring young athletes with sports development goals
  • Growing babies and toddlers
  • Patients with complex and chronic pain
  • Those dealing with stress, fatigue and other mental health concerns

Central Mallee Health was born from a strong sense of community and care. Director, Dr Louise Bibby (Advanced Sports Osteopath) believes that all Mallee people, no matter their circumstance or location, should be able to access the care, support and therapies required to keep moving, feel confident in their own bodies and live long and healthy lives.

With this drive and her passion for rural practice, Louise, or Lou as she known to the locals, established Central Mallee Osteopathy in 2010 and it has since grown into a holistic practice now known as Central Mallee Health.

Central Mallee Health aims to improve access to private allied health care services in the Mallee, whilst establishing dynamic working environments for the attraction and retention of health therapists in rural and remote practice.

In 2020, the approach to ‘care for all’ was extended with Central Mallee Health establishing an Outreach Osteo service. This program delivers osteopathic allied health services to surrounding rural north Victorian communities, along with pathways and employment opportunities for professionals, locums, interns and graduates.

Lou is supported by an experienced team of professionals who embody her wellness and care approach. Across four locations, the team are driven by their passion for their profession and their patient’s recovery, health and wellness. This combined goal to deliver a ‘wow’ factor when it comes to patient care is what enables the team at Central Mallee Health to take an emotional life event and create a memorable, strengthening and healing experience.

You know those feelings you get when you achieve something you never thought you could, when you break a barrier that was holding you back, and you feel stronger and more confident in your own body? That is our commitment. We are committed to your strength, confidence, and recovery.

We pride ourselves on delivering services with ‘wow’ factor. Services that make you feel good about your progress. We are committed to our profession and ensure that we have the people and skills to provide evidence-based therapies that will help you achieve your goals.

We are here to keep you moving. We ensure our services are accessible and make you feel thoroughly cared for. Our holistic approach that recognises the physical, mental, occupational and social aspects of your heath ensures that wellness is at the centre of what we do, and you have the strength to live a better version of your life.

How do we do this? We are guided by our core values which ensure we approach both patient and team education, care and support with:

  • Dedication
  • Collaboration
  • Generosity
  • Growth
  • Energy

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