FAQs & Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Central Mallee Health wants you to feel empowered to make informed decisions about your health and treatment services.

When it comes to pain, discomfort, and your recovery, it is normal to have questions about the various services and therapies that are available. You are also likely to want a clear understanding of how much these services can cost and what you might need to ensure your investment of time and money provides you with the best outcome.

To help you make a move and start your health and recovery journey with confidence, we have pulled together a list of frequently asked questions and fee information.

If there is anything we have missed, please contact our team.

Central Mallee Health provides holistic allied health services that can help keep you moving. These services include Osteopathy, Myotherapy, Massage, Dry Needling and Cupping, Sports and Performance programs, Outreach and Telehealth services, Yoga, Meditation and more.

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Our Osteopaths and other therapists can help with a range of conditions and ailments, including (but not limited to):

  • Acute muscular and joint strains and sprains
  • Sports injuries
  • Postural dysfunction
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Jaw pain
  • Neck pain and tension
  • Lower back pain acute and chronic
  • Sciatic leg pain
  • Chronic pain conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Shoulder tendinopathy
  • Tennis and Golfer’s elbow
  • Hand and wrist therapy
  • Pelvic and hip injuries
  • Pre and postnatal lower back and pelvic issues
  • Ankle and knee injuries
  • Foot pain and plantar fasciitis

Our Osteopaths are fully qualified and registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and Osteopathy Australia.

Please choose clothing that is comfortable, clean and loose fitting for your appointment. Clothing should allow for movement and stretching and be easily removed if required. The site of injury should be easily accessible.

Please bring any relevant health information, reports, letters, or radiographic images that you have to your initial consultation.

If you are a Chronic Disease Management patient you will need to bring your doctors referral paperwork, and Medicare Card will be required at each appointment.

Please also bring with you your Private Health Fund card if you have one.

Central Mallee Health is all about providing individualised services to support you, no matter where you are up to in your life. At your first consult we take a full health history, discuss your challenges, assess any scans you may have, view your movement, and provide a hands-on assessment of your ailments, pain or whatever has brought you in.

Following this thorough assessment, we can start pulling together the pieces of the puzzle that make up who you are in your body and how we can work with you to achieve the best outcomes. We will then walk you through a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs and provides specific goals for us to work towards together.

Some patients may have access to funding opportunities available via Medicare, including the Allied Health Initiative for Chronic Disease Management.

You may also be able to access rebates via your Private Health Fund.

We encourage you to talk with your GP or Private Health Fund about these options.

No, you do not need a referral to visit or make an appointment with Central Mallee Health.

We do, however accept Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans (CDM) which involves a referral from your GP.

You can contact us by phone, email or utilise the online booking system on this website. Our staff will collect information from you such as your contact details, appointment preferences and what you are concerned about. Typically, an appointment time can be provided to you at that time of contact.

Yes, Central Mallee Health provides Osteopathy for babies and children. Some of our Osteopaths are specifically trained to assess and address the musculoskeletal restrictions that can occur in your child. We can support your child’s physical development and oversee their milestones.

We also work with young athletes to support their skill development and understanding and help prevent injury.

At Central Mallee Health, we offer FREE 15-minute phone consultations for potential new patients. These are obligation free consultations, and one of our team members can call you back at a time that is convenient for you.

These phone consults are for residents in the Swan Hill, Kerang, Sea Lake, Birchip or surrounding communities with health or musculoskeletal concerns. They aim of these consults is to provide support and advice and help you make informed choices about your healthcare. We endeavour to make sure you end up in the right hands, whether with our team or the very next best referral we have to offer. Give it a go! Start a conversation with us today. You talk, we listen.

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Fees and Cancellation Information

Central Mallee Health appreciates payment at the time of your consultation. We accept cash, EFTPOS, VISA and MasterCard.

Concession rates apply for senior pensioners and school aged children.

Rebates from your Private Health Fund are accepted and will be processed wherever possible.

You may be eligible for a rebate from Medicare under the Chronic Disease Management Program (CDM), however this must be in place and initiated by a GP before treatment commences.

We can take care of your payments if you are with Veteran Affairs clients and NDIS (planned managed). For TAC, Workcover, and NDIS (self-managed) we require upfront payment for you to then seek reimbursement

Please take the time to view the fees for each service:

Initial Consult $130
Standard Consult $93
Short/Supportive Consult $46
1-Hour Double Length Consult $175
Infant Initial Consult $125
Infant Standard Consult $93
Advanced Practitioner Initial/Review Consult $145

Initial Consult $115
Standard Consult $89
1-Hour Double Length $159

Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT) Surcharge = $25
Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT) 1 Area = $71
Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT) 2 Areas = $96

Initial Strength & Conditioning Program Assessment (New Client) $130
Strength & Conditioning Program Assessment (Existing Client) $93
Supervised Rehab / Gym Session (Existing Client) $93
6 Week Strength & Conditioning Program $420.00
12 Week Strength & Conditioning Program $780.00
Osteo Long Exercise Rehabilitation (1 Hour + Home Program) $175
Performance Assessment Super Session $130
Performance AxIT Testing / Movement Assessment $93

Central Mallee Health Non-Attendance and Cancellation Policy

* 4 HOURS notice is required for any appointment cancellations or reschedules. *

Insufficient notice within 4 hours of your scheduled appointment will incur a 50% charge of the consultation fee.

Non-attendance to your scheduled appointment will incur a 100% charge of the consultation fee.

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