Getting to Know Osteo Jess

Dr. Jessica Jobling (Osteopath)
RMIT 2020 – B.H.Sc / B. App.Sc (Osteopathy)

My name is Jess and this is a little bit about me and my story.

Mallee born and bred – I originally grew up in the very small town Lalbert approximately 30 mins from Swan Hill. I attended Lalbert Primary School and St Mary’s Primary Swan Hill, before completing my secondary education at St Mary Mackillop College.

As a typical 18-year old who had just finished high school, I originally had no idea what specific career pathway I wanted to go down. However, I knew that providing healthcare to country communities would be a fulfilling and respectable career.

As it turns out, I received an offer to study Osteopathy at RMIT in Melbourne. So five years ago, as a ‘country kid’ from Swan Hill, I made the trek down to Melbourne to study Osteopathy. Over the past two years I have completed my required Osteopathy clinical placement at the RMIT Health science clinic.

“Giving back to the community who contributed to making you the person you are today is a very important principle.”

During my university experience, I was taught and mentored by some amazing teachers and was lucky enough to build lifelong friendships with people that have become some of my best friends.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my five years in fast-paced Melbourne, those who know me, also know that I loved coming back home to the Mallee at any chance I could!

“You could often find me sneaking in a few games of netball for the Mallee Eagles or pouring beers at the local pub to fund my university life in Melbourne.”

Having worked as a receptionist and sports trainer for Central Mallee Osteopathy for the past two years, I was given the ability to meet some fantastic country patients. I always knew that I wanted to return to the Mallee after I completed my university studies.

I have loved welcoming patients to our clinic and getting involved in our community days such as volunteering at the local Triathlon, an experience that I will never forget. These roles allowed me to gain insight into a fast-paced and high functioning Osteopathic clinic.

“The idea of moving back ‘home’ to a rural community, building relationships with patients and providing them with exceptional healthcare, is an exciting new challenge I cannot wait to begin.”

The task of driving country roads is instilled into ‘Mallee Kids’ from birth. Whether it be traveling to other schools for networking days or the often cold Saturday mornings driving to local football/netball.

These experiences are what make me excited to part of CMO’s rural outreach days in 2021. The ability to venture out of the clinic on one of these days is a unique opportunity, exclusive to working in the Mallee region.

I am excited to meet new people and provide them with the healthcare they may normally not have the opportunity to receive and of course the opportunity to re-visiting some wonderful local landmarks (and bakeries)!

As a typical farm kid from the Mallee, I am my happiest self when I am outdoors and surrounded by nature. I love visiting beautiful Australian sites – especially along the coastal line. In 2019 I visited the special Uluru with my friends. It was an amazing spiritual experience I will remember forever.

Quality time with family and friends is something very important to me. I enjoy going on holidays which provide the opportunity to slow down and spend time relaxing or catching up with friends at the local races.

“One of my favourite things about the Mallee is our local sport. I love the social and competitive nature of country sports, especially the football and netball clubs. I enjoy achieving results as a team and celebrating them with friends and family.”

One of my favourite memories was playing in a netball grand final for the mighty Mallee Eagles with both of my sisters in 2018! I cannot wait to hit the netball court with the Eagles this year – Covid permitting!

I am thrilled to be joining the Central Mallee Osteopathy team in 2021. I cannot wait to meet more of our fantastic patients and build a trusting therapeutic relationship with them.

Come and say hello, Jess.

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