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How can Osteopathy Improve Cricket Performance?

With summer nearly here (if the rain holds off) this is the time of the year we start to see more cricket injuries at Central Mallee Health. Cricket places many stresses on the body and the injuries we see reflect this. The types of injuries that we see are commonly reflected by the specific roles you have within the team. A fast bowler is going to be at risk of different injuries compared to the keeper just as a spin bowler will be at risk of different injuries compared to a batsman. With the need for so many components of athleticism needed, there is a wide range of injuries that a cricketer may face. Common injuries traumatic injuries are some of the more common injuries that you may have heard of. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Muscular strains e.g. hamstring or side strains
  • All sprains, strains and tears
  • Shoulder rotator cuff injury
  • Direct contusion from the ball

But there are also many non-traumatic injuries that can occur or build up over time.

  • Low back pain
  • Tendinopathies e.g. elbow or shoulder
  • Recurring muscular strains
  • Neck and mid back pain

Role of Osteopathy

Due to the wide range of injuries that can be sustained Osteopathy can play a major role in the general management and rehabilitation of these injuries. Every injury is unique and can have many confounding factors which your Osteopath will take into account. Through a variety of hands on manual therapies such as soft tissue treatment, manipulation, dry needling and sport specific rehabilitation we aim to get you back fighting fit for the season

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How Strength and Conditioning can Improve Cricket Performance

But why wait until you are injured to have to come and complete rehab? Through sport specific strength and conditioning weare aiming to minimise the risk of injury by creating a more powerful and more resilient musculoskeletal system that is able to cope with the demands of cricket. The largest risk factor for injury is sustaining a previous injury, think of the bloke down at the club that does multiple hamstrings throughout the year. This is mainly due to inadequate rehab and poor strength training in the off season. Strength and conditioning training does not necessarily mean work in the gym if that’s not your thing, but some type of off season and in season strength training is a necessity for playing out a season at your best

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