Meet Osteopath Dr. Louise Bibby

Louise Bibby

Director and Advanced Sports Osteopath

Dr Louise Bibby, better known as Lou, has all the standard ‘boring stuff’ you get in a good practitioner (and we mean ALL). She was the first Advanced Sports Osteopath in Australia, nominated nationally for Osteopath of the Year as well as receiving acknowledgment for Allied Health Rural and Remote Excellence.

Lou is the Director and Founder of Central Mallee Health, and many other things: Network Director, Sports Medicine Victorian State Council Member, Educator, Leader, Western Bulldogs VFLW football player, SOLID.

She is a country girl, self-starter, guitar playing, difficulty using mascara, no hat no play cancer council advocate kind of woman.

Lou proclaims to have what she calls: “Shiny ball syndrome”. She’s known for her boundless and endless energy. ADHD described as passion, perhaps, but either way she manages to inspire even the toughest of Mallee battlers, and woman of all ages “who can”. For Lou, there is nothing more fulfilling than leading inspired teams and having meaningful and memorable experiences with others.

If she was a dog, she’d be a border collie, one of those ones that flies through an obstacle course, that can have trouble listening and concentrating if there is a competition to be won. Achieving goals is a passion and a priority, never tiring from going above and beyond.

Life may seem like a crazy circus for Lou, with lions, tigers, bears, and a couple of monkeys on miniature tricycles for good measure. Everyone loves a circus, and Lou’s endeavours juggling act is a feat to be witnessed in person, if you snag an appointment.

Just when you think Lou’s clutch has worn out, she finds her high range gearbox – in and out of the treatment room, with friends, family, organisations, clubs, community groups, and beyond. A life on the road, she really could have been a truckie, with networks and collaborations spanning nationally and internationally.

Lou cannot meditate to save herself, does not read books, but sleeps incredibly well at night if she merely sniffs at a gin and tonic.

  • General and Sports Injury Management / Consulting
  • Strength and Conditioning Coaching
  • Athlete Development and Mentoring
  • Advanced Knee / ACL Rehabilitation
  • Pregnancy-Related Pain and Women’s Health
  • Kids and Bubs Consulting
    • Victoria University 2009 – B.Sc. (Clin.Sci) M.H.Sc. (Osteopathy)
    • Osteopathy Australia – Titled Advanced Sports Osteopath (2020)
    • ASCA Level 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach
    • Central Mallee Osteopathy – Director and Founder (2010)
    • Osteo Sports Network – Director and Founder (2018)
    • Sports Medicine Australia – Victorian State Council Member
    • Western Bulldogs Women’s VFLW Australian Rules Player
    • Director Rural Outreach Osteo Program
    • Office & Vehicle Workplace Ergonomics
    • Myofascial Dry Needling & Cupping (Level 1)
    • Level 1 Sports Trainer

The first Advanced Sports Osteopath in Australia, nominated and acknowledged nationally for Osteopath of the Year and Rural and Remote Excellence in Allied Health.

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