AxIT Strength Testing System

AxIT Strength Testing in Swan Hill, Kerang, Sea Lake & Birchip

Central Mallee Health is one of the only services in the region that utilises the AxIT Strength Testing System.

This system ensures our team is not operating ‘blind’ or guessing when it comes to your body. It enables us to measure your baseline movement strength and power, identify imbalances from side to side and track how you are progressing on your exercise and strength journey.

The AxIT Strength Testing System involves:

• An Initial Assessment – The AxIT system performs a complete performance assessment of strength and power for any muscle in your body, as well as the movements you need to perform in daily activities or sport, including squats, lunges, deadlifts, hops, jump, push-ups and many more.

• Using Data to Establish Baselines and Intervention Approach – The AxIT Assessment collects meaningful, actionable data measuring strength and power imbalances to identify key areas to be tracked over time. Using this data, our team will design and implement training and management programs that can result in better outcomes for you.

• Re-Assessment – The AxIT system measures the effectiveness of the intervention within the session or after one week, one month or one year. Your data is safely stored so you can always compare results and know that positive progression is being achieved and that you are on track to achieve your goals.

AxIT assessments may be performed in session or as a standalone service to help guide your personal plan.

We also offer Super Assessments that are perfect for you if you are looking to know exactly how strong and fast your muscles are producing force. We can tailor this in-depth assessment to be sports specific and will help you understand your peak and rate of force which is crucial when it comes to improving performance and decreasing your chance of injury.

AxIT assessments may be performed in session or as a standalone service to help guide your personal plan.

The Benefits of AxIT Strength Testing System

The AxIT Strength Testing System enables us to measure every muscle and movement in your body including squats, lunges, isolated muscle testing, nordic hamstring curl, isometric mid-thigh pull, jump power testing, core rotational strength testing, and more. With access to this information, our team can help you:

• Grow an understanding of your body and movement capacity
• Improve sport performance and fitness
• Reduce the risk of injury
• Improve base-line strength and movement
• Accurately track your progress and help you work towards your health and fitness goals

What Can AxIT Strength Testing System Help With?

The AxIT Strength Testing System can provide a full report on your body, and can help us develop individualised programs that can help with:

• Athletic performance
• Recovery post-surgery
• Recovery post injury
• Running performance
• Goal setting and achievement
• Kids movement and development
• Injury assessment and diagnostics

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