Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy

Your Path To Pain Relief

Are you tired of dealing with persistent pain that just won’t go away? Have you been searching for a non-invasive solution that can help you get back to your active lifestyle? Look no further – let us introduce you to our Shockwave Therapy.

What Is Shockwave Therapy?

Imagine a treatment that can help your body heal itself without any surgery or invasive procedures. That’s exactly what shockwave therapy does! It’s a cutting-edge technique that uses high-energy sound waves to target specific areas of your body, kickstarting the healing process and reducing pain.

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?

Think of Shockwave Therapy as a gentle wake-up call for your body’s natural healing abilities. These acoustic waves are like little messengers that tell your body to increase blood flow and produce important healing substances & reduce chemical processes responsible for pain & inflammation. It’s like pressing the reset button on your body’s healing mechanisms to stimulate tissue repair.

What Can Be Treated With Shockwave Therapy?

From stubborn foot & heel pain (Achilles Tendinopathy & Plantar Fasciitis), to bothersome Tennis Elbow, Shin Splints, Patella & Gluteal Tendinopathy & Chronic Injuries. Shockwave Therapy is here to help with your persistent pain that just won’t go away.

What To Expect

Is it your first time seeing us?

Your first appointment with us will be an Initial Consult so we can understand your concerns, consider your relevant health history & develop a plan best suited to your needs & proceed with Shockwave treatment.

Your Shockwave Therapy will range from 5-10minutes where you’ll be comfortably positioned while our practitioners use specialized equipment to deliver those magical acoustic pressure waves to the targeted area. The process is safe and generally well-tolerated. You might experience some mild discomfort during the session or some temporary skin reddening, but nothing major to worry about.

Results & Recovery

You might not feel like a superhero right after the first session. But fear not! Patience is key. Your treatment plan will likely include 3-5 sessions over a couple of weeks to see the full benefits. And the best part? There is minimal downtime so you won’t need to put your life on hold for recovery & can usually get back to your regular activities soon after each session.

Time To Take Action

Ready to wave goodbye to nagging pain? Our team of experts are here to guide you through the process of Shockwave Therapy & get you on the right path towards pain relief & back to doing all things you love!

Don’t let pain hold you back any longer. Experience the benefits & contact us today to take the first step towards becoming pain-free.

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