Youth Athlete Academy

Youth Athlete Academy

Welcome to Central Mallee Health’s Junior Athlete Academy

We’re proud to bring this unique opportunity to offer personal and physical development to young kids in our region, unlike anything we have seen before in our community.

As sports science and the approach to athletic development improve at all levels, we’re able to offer the latest education to benefit young growing athletes. Access to new technology also enhances the way in which we can offer analysis, self-awareness, real-time feedback, and of course FUN in our performance coaching.

Regardless of age, ability or sport played, every young person deserves access to be coached – to learn how to move optimally, and reduce injury risks and associated developmental pain whilst building valuable foundations transferable to daily movement and sports participation.

We’re committed to our athletes and are excited about the opportunity to mentor personally, guide professionally, and celebrate genuinely. We’re encouraging and looking for greatness across many aspects – personal growth, physical development, skill acquisition, team contribution & inspiring young leaders.

Quality over quantity. Technique before load.
Always help make those around you better.
Be confident. Be memorable.

– From the team at Central Mallee Health
(Dedicated to Youth Athlete Development since 2014)

Please see the below Rego form if interested or contact the clinic for further information.

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