Osteo Jake’s Experiences In Sport


Sport has always been an integral part of my life since I was a child, from when could walk I had a football in hand with my father trying to teach me how to kick. My father who played at North Melbourne back in the late ’80s had a passion for football which has carried through to me. Sport was number 1 priority, whether it be football, triathlons, swimming, water polo, tennis or golf, I was constantly moving.

Professionally, the jump across the fence to contribute behind the scenes started once I commenced my Osteopathic studies, having participated as a sports trainer and head trainer across multiple local league clubs, being a trainer for the ADFL (Australian Defence League Carnival) and assisting with the Rookie Me academy through the branches of the Osteo Sports Network (OSN), as well as recently volunteering my time under the OSN banner to help with the Dragon Boat Racing Victoria Carnival where we saw hundreds of sore competitors, resulting in us being recruited for national sporting tournaments and international competitions in other sports such as skateboarding & cricket.

I have also worked alongside the LPGA tour previously & the World Surf League (WSL) at the Ripcurl Bells Beach Pro & the Margaret River Drug Aware Pro for a number of years, helping the medical crew whilst being a student, an opportunity I value highly as each sport has there own gem to offer to the learning practitioner as well as meeting Kelly Slater and Mick Fanning…

Alongside working at CMO and a Melbourne based clinic, I also spend 2 days a week at North Melbourne Football Club working within the medical team. At North, I am helping with the assessment, treatment and management of players. Working in this elite environment has not only been a long term goal but has allowed me to realise the in-depth standards that elite sport requires not only the athletes but also their staff.

Working alongside a multidisciplinary team of strength & conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, sports doctors and other sports trainers, it has been great to see other such passionate professionals showcasing their area of expertise whilst cohesively cooperating at the elite level, where a poor decision can leave a player sidelined for weeks to months on end. Spending time developing players strength, agility, balance and general fitness at North Melbourne has allowed me to gain further insight into the breadth of work that goes into professional athletes just to get them and keep them on the track to which I will continue to adapt and use in my own work in private practice.

The facilities themselves are phenomenal, the extreme level of detail shown from the medical rooms, sauna, ice baths, spas, clubrooms, gym, grounds and rest areas for players and staff show the level of professionalism and emphasis on personal enjoyment, it is a great environment to be around. Also now with having an AFLW team around, it has been an invaluable experience and which I have learnt abundantly and grown immensely.

Having a heavy interest to continually develop and grow in the sporting field, with aims to work with top-level athletes across all sporting codes. My top ambition for a job would be the private or team Osteopath for;
ATP Tennis tour, European Soccer League Clubs, NBA, MLB or Formula One Championship.

Go the Roos!

Jake Wright

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